A day with my dog

Luna Beam

Back in the summer I met a dog named Loki. He had been rescued by friends of ours and despite several difficult behavioural issues, I fell rather in love with him. I had been missing having a dog of my own and had wanted to adopt for years, but between work and school and the quotidian humdrum, I had convinced myself that I wasn’t ready. So we got a cat instead, but despite my best efforts, Finnegan was not interested in going for walkies and found the concept of wearing a collar and a leash about as appealing as having a bath. My desires for an adventurous pet were soundly thwarted.

That all changed in August when my schedule suddenly opened up and became a lot more regular. So, when I discovered that Loki had a few siblings still living at the pound where he’d been before, it felt like the universe was tapping me on the shoulder. I started the process as soon as I got back from holiday, and six weeks later this beautiful creature set up camp in our lives. I named her Luna (because I am a huge Harry Potter fan, and I love the moon). I thought I was being so original… turns out every third dog in this city is also called Luna.

But, naming problems aside, the absolute best thing about having a dog is that come rain or shine, she wants to go out. And none of this quick shuffle around the block either. She’s a sighthound who loves nothing more than to run. Luckily, I live in a city made for dog owners because we have a plethora of big green spaces dedicated to letting your pooch run free. Thus, it is with alarming regularity that my step-counter is now clocking around 16,000 steps a day!

These images document one of these days.

A morning at the beach:

An afternoon in the woods:

I read an article recently about how every busy woman should adopt a dog. After a month and a half of having this bundle of manic enthusiasm in my life, I can only agree. Dogs really are the best of friends!

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  1. These pictures are so lovely – I am massively NOT a dog person (I actually give them a wide berth), but I enjoyed reading this. And wherever that city of yours is, I want to live there 🙂

    1. Thanks Terry! I have indeed had to come to accept that not everyone is a dog person. Here in the Netherlands there are very clear rules on where you can and cannot let your dog loose for this very reason. The Hague, where I live, has a lot of green spaces dedicated to walking, but they are very neatly divided into doggy-friendly bits and humans-only bits 🙂 So for those of you who aren’t big dog fans, there are plenty of bits to roam without fear of dastardly mutts spoiling the fun! 😀

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