The Forgotten

Shadows in my memory,
Half truths have awoken me,
Kept me here in stone,
in a world that’s forced to bleed,
I sink into oblivion,
does no one still believe?

I used to be a god here,
my name it used to ring,
The walls upheld me ever clear,
the horns and bows would sing,
I prospered for the longest time,
The tree of life still whole,
But then the cross-shaped axe did come,
And made the whole world Hel.

I long for just one single voice,
to sing my name again,
A drop of love in sacrifice,
a rite to heal the pain,
Immortal life is torture now,
the stones suffused with death,
Would that I could be a man,
and draw the final breath.

But I am the forgotten one,
these stones a living grave,
My voice grows ever fainter,
and day by day,
year by year,
Painfully and age by age,
into your eternity,
I infinitely fade.

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