The tools of the trade

If there is one thing I have come to love about the Internet it is the abundance of useful tools that make editing my work a little easier. This post is therefore dedicated to those handy little ports in a sometimes stormy digital world that offer help and humour as well as advice.
First up, a site I love to visit for its very interesting columns on all things scribbly,
I discovered this site through following one of my favourite authors,
Chuck Palahniuk. He often links to interesting writing tips and advice columns. It is well worth checking out.
Then there is another nifty little site called
WriteWords, where you can check the frequency of words and the frequency of phrases that you use in your writing. I shall never forget my suprise at seeing how many times I used to word ‘plastered’!
Another useful tool, but this time an application, is
Scrivener. I have fallen in love with this application. It makes it so much easier to keep all those notes and scraps and bits of research in a handy overview so that I don’t have to go opening a hundred different Word docs and sending my laptop into a processing frenzy. It’s not free, but I personally feel it was worth every penny!
Lastly, for those of you who like to make mock ups of book covers, a very handy graphics tool to use is
GIMP. It is open source and multi-platform and works pretty much like Photoshop or Paint. It takes a bit of time to figure out where everything is, but it is a thing of wonder once you’ve got the hang of it.
These are my favourite tools to use and I use them often. What tools do you like to use?

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